Replace New York with Paris, the cosmopolitans with a
good bottle of red wine, add four heroines of today to it.

“I couldn’t help but wonder… What would they be wearing?” The last Rouje collection, obviously. A wardrobe inspired by the city and its energy,
with 90s vibes.

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Dress Elona, Bag Baguette
Cardigan Leora, Jeans Marais, Bag Baguette

Cardigan Leora, Jeans Marais, Belt Laure, Bag Baguette

Jacket Andrew, Trousers Jeje, Bag Cathou,
Jumper Astrid, Trousers Swan (coming soon), Boots Elsa, Belt Laure

Jacket Andrew, Trousers Jeje, Bag Cathou

Dress Elona, Bag Baguette, Boots Elsa

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It’s time for a change of season. We put on trousers for a look that scores us extra style points, an oversized knit, or a new pair of mocassins (or loafers).

In Episode 1, we also spotted suit #03 in tennis stripes, the quilted jacket that marks the waistline, and the trench in fawn velvet.

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Of course, dresses are also part of the show: floral always, with dots too, against a white or purple background.
Meet Elona, the newbie with a super feminine cut, and Mona, its sister that has a cute vintage collar.

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Jacket Jacques, Top Timeo, Bag Bobo, Jeans Madeleine, Belt Laure

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New season, new iconic basics.
Featuring: The Jacques jacket in new colors, the jewelled belt, and the T with vintage vibes. The Rouje uniform is still here, ready for a reboot?

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Skirt Bethanie, Loafers Dorothée
Jeans Belleville, Boots Elsa, Bag Le J

Trenchcoat Roland, Leather trousers Marais

Jacket Jacques, Top Timeo, Bag Bobo, Jeans Madeleine, Belt Laure

Blouse Barnabé, Skirt Fiona, Boots Céleste, Bag Baguette.

Episode 2: there's some new stuff chez Rouje. Leather all over trousers, skirts, and jackets. A set in pink curly wool to look like a business woman from the 80s. And a newcomer in the jeans family, the Belleville.

Next in Rouje and the city:
Meet Jackson, the new chic and comfortable trainers you will love wearing.

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Previously in Rouje handbags:
Cathou, Bobo, Micky and the J that you met already.

This season, get to know Ben the little bucket bag, and the big Big. They are already on Carrie's wishlist and available soon...

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Jumper Joanie

Jacket Andrew, Earrings Audrey, Palette Visage

Jumper Astrid, Trousers Swan (coming soon), Boots Elsa, Bag Big (coming soon)

Coat Adina, Bag Le J

Jumper Astrid, Baume Chéri

We say back-to-school, you say I-want-my-glow-back.
To make it last, have a look at Les Filles en Rouje to explore new beauty products.
The je-ne-sais-quoi? You've got it.

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