Vintage flair & savoir-faire

Behind the pretty details, a real savoir-faire and carefully selected fabrics. Come and take a closer look at the sophistication of our winter pieces.

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Embroideries with Zola

A flowy and powdery blouse with ruffles on the collar that will move so well once worn. The pattern of the embroideries was drawn by the Rouje Studio and was inspired by vintage lingerie.

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Crochet with Gabinette

Our iconic mini dress gets a twist with this super retro removable collar. Made in crochet, it has playful stitches and patterns. Add or remove it thanks to hidden buttons.

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Lace with Aldo

We love its vintage inspired lace edging and jacquard - a fabric in which the patterns are woven into the thread. Wear it open like a cardigan or closed like a top.

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Openwork with Alban

A shirt à la Rouje adorned with embroideries and hemstitched along the buttons. The most delicate detail: the scalloped edging on the collar and wrists.

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Cross stitches with Marthe

Spotlight on these cross stitches with rose details, like ancient tapestry. The Rouje touch? Playful knitting made in Italy that allows different textures throughout.

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