Our new collection is Roujer than ever. Rouje iconics and new pieces are sporting ginghams, stripes, dots, and flowers, for a an absolute baby doll vibes. A modern take on 50s inspo, to wear with sass and attitude.

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Dress Anael
Cardigan Eugenia and Pants Zita
Dress Anael Dress Anael, Cardigan Eugenia, Top Mathis and Pants Zita

Boop-Oop-a-Doop. This summer, pin-up floral ginghams are underlining your curves, with a stretchy fabric that enhances your silhouette. Crush alert!

Floral ginghams
Dress Lilia
Dress Lilia
Top Anas and Jeans Madeleine
Dress Lilia
Dress Lilia, Top Anas and Jeans Madeleine

Flowers woven into the fabric, a cut that falls nicely on the body. The Studio never gets jacquard fatigue.

Blooming jacquard
Top Mindy and Jeans Madeleine
Dress Deb and Mules Maud
Dress Deb
Top Kesha
Dress Deb and Top Kesha

This super fresh, pink gingham jersey, is giving off Brigitte Bardot vibes. Flow, feminity... and a nice cleavage. Roujiissima!

Pink gingham
Dress Prune and Mules Maud
Top Axelle and Jeans Concorde
Dress Prune, Mules Maud and Top Axelle

Timeless polka dots, and much more: this theme catches the eye with its floral embroideries, and its super flattering sweetheart neckline.

Navy polka dots
Dress Gabina
Cardigan Nono, Skirt Carina
and Mules Eve
Dress Gabina
Dress Gabina and Mules Eve
Dress Gabina, Cardigan Nono and Skirt Carina

Pastel, up to the moon and back. The sleeveless version of Gabin is this summer's new hit. A retro feel powered by pink prints.

Vintage roses
Cardigan Naelle and Skirt Denise
Body Ricky
Top Phybie and Jeans Marais
Cardigan Eugenia and Jeans Marais Bodysuit Ricky, Top Phybie and Cardigan Eugenia

Blue, white, Rouje: our favorite rustled cardigan makes a stripey comeback. In monochrome, or as a light knit bodysuit... Code Rouje!

Rouge Rouje
Cardigan Nono, Dress Daria and Shoes Liz
Dress Daria, Basket Sibylle
and Mules Pierette
Dress Leina
Dress Leina, Bag Baguette
and Mules Arlette
Dress Daria and Mules Eve
Dress Daria, Dress Leina and Mules Eve

A nod to timeless Liberty prints, the Leina dress is 100% Rouje. With its sleeve-knots and its buttons, it's one of the Studio's iconic pieces.

The Giverny print

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