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Velvet jackets have stood the test of seasons and generations to become a bona fide staple in any wardrobe. Luxurious, elegant, and versatile all at once, velvet is a soft, sumptuous material that lends a touch of refinement to any outfit. Our women’s velvet jackets are perfect for any occasion.

Velvet Jackets for a Sophisticated Look



Known for its incomparably soft feel and elegant appearance, velvet is a fabric that we are keen to showcase as part of our collection. 


With its distinctly smooth and shiny surface, velvet is easy to recognize. This luxurious material is pleasant to the touch, and its exquisite look magnifies any outfit. Solid color, two-tone, or with a notched lapel, your women’s velvet jacket – or women’s corduroy jacket – adds an element of comfort and refinement to your everyday looks. 


Corduroy is a specific type of velvet that sports fine ribs or parallel grooves along the entire length of the fabric. Durable and widely versatile, corduroy is used in the creation of countless garments and accessories. Pleasant to the touch, this quality material lends an interesting visual dimension to your outfits. 


Women’s velvet coats and blazers are perfect for winter thanks to their warm, insulating properties. Similar yet unique in their own right, leather jackets, women’s oversized jackets, and trench coats are excellent choices to keep warm in the colder months. 



Let Your Personality Shine With a Women’s Velvet Jacket



When it comes to expressing your personality, jackets have always been one of those must-haves. They offer a wide range of designs and lend your style unfailing elegance in just an instant. 


At Rouje, we’ve found the right equation to turn each one of our velvet jackets into wardrobe staples. Dare to be spontaneous and choose from the selection of tailored suits or women’s velvet blazers dreamt up by Jeanne Damas. 


Details That Make All the Difference


The devil’s in the details, and so is our focus. Our carefully-crafted velvet jackets sport an impeccable finish, fine stitching, and subtle detailing that lends a touch of sophistication to every piece. Satin linings, discreet shoulder pads, and decorative buttons are just some of these small elements that make all the difference and highlight the timeless panache of our velvet jackets. 


Choosing a Rouje velvet jacket is opting for style, comfort, and quality. Our velvet jackets are designed to flatter every figure and offer optimum durability. 

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